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Letter from the President


My Intentional Purpose...Save Our Youth Foundation.



One night while at home watching television the news began to sound like a rerun as it rattled off cases with child abuse and child sexual abuse, story after story. As I sat there and thought, for years I have coached football and never would have dreamed that people would look upon the innocence of children in such a perverted way, while my whole purpose was to show them a father figure, teach them how to be team players, teach them strategies to run the ball fast and smart and at the end teach them with an exit lesson of knowing no matter what, we are winners. But that night I sat thinking, I missed the opportunity to make them aware that no matter what situation occurs, what happens in life, NEVER be silent when you feel uncomfortable...TELL! 

At that moment it hit me, I Will be a Voice and bring Awareness to this Hidden Abuse.


My Mind was racing...I need like-minded people that are Driven with the same Purposeful Vision, and one thing stood out, I'm on stage as a stand-up comedian every week in front of hundreds of people, why not use my platform to educate. I made it a point to always end my comedy set with statistics about Child Sexual Abuse and Abuse in general. I must say at first many did not take it seriously because they are accustomed to me being funny, but after a few closings, it became obvious that I was committed to SAVE OUR YOUTH. As I teamed up with the best group of people to help lead and fight for this cause. We began to use social media as a stage. We post and present statistics, educate on signs of abuse and prevention tactics alongside emotional stirring imagery, and to my astonishment this continues to grow to bigger than I or my team could ever imagine.


With dedication and controlled vengeance we plan with PURPOSE to bring attention to these heinous acts. I value my time with my grandchildren more precious now. I speak to them about this hidden crime. My grandson, who is 3, where I sat and laughed with him to the tune of SpongeBob, turned into the ending of a set as I teach him NEVER be afraid to tell anyone if something does not feel right. Out of these moments came Save Our Youth Foundation’s tagline “CHILD ABUSE STOPS WHEN WE LISTEN!"


So as we start off Blazing the Trail in this community, our intention has set a Blaze in All Communities.                                     In One voice, One post, One set, we Vow to Listen, Educate and Change laws to Protect our Children. We Pledge to Protect the Innocence of All Children. Our Youth is Our Future. While it started with Me, this movement is Bigger than I’ll Ever Be.



Speaking Up...

Lavell Harris


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